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Our staff are bachelors or above, all the high-speed PCB design staff have more than 3 years of PCB design experience, employees from domestic well-known companies, many of them as the product of domestic famous network, communications product company supervisor EDA and EDA core engineer. They have excellent SI, EMI, cooling technology and years of experience in high speed PCB LAYOUT, network products, communication products, computer motherboards, graphics and other high speed multi-layer high density PCB layout design, can provide the international design level, in line with international standards of design service for the customer. PCB we design has been running on the network, data communication, wireless communication field.

Confidentiality system response speed, a solid technical foundation of successful experience, fast delivery cycle, prompt and strict, and can provide thoughtful service, can share R & D personnel for your company's problems, the development cycle is very survival pressure, bring the fastest, largest, most security interests of customers and partners!

If your company has the following situations, please consider to cooperate with our company, thank you!

1, the project schedule, personnel of research and development is not enough;

2, item LAYOUT, LAYOUT large amount of high difficulty;

3, and our mutually beneficial cooperation in product development;

4, we will join quickly improve your company's R & D strength;

The EMI problem 5, project;

6, the project crash phenomenon caused by the signal integrity problem;

7.The problem of heat dissipation, project

Pcb layout

our services range from  IBIS simulation, SPICE simulation, circuit board design, PCB routing, high speed backplane design, ATE PCB design, schematic symbol library and PCB library to PCB prototyping, small and medium volume production.

Sentak has rich simulation and PCB design experience especially in high frequency PCB, high speed PCB, PCB signal integrity simulation analysis, A/D Mixed. Besides these, its expertise also involves up to 40 layers board design of PCI、CPCI、PCI- EXPRESS、ATCA、XAUI、SATA&SATAII , DDR&DDRII SDRAM 800M、DDR3 1333M 1666M, TI DSP series, MCU, ARM7 & ARM 9 series, programmable logic, DLP-RAMBUS RLDRAM, switch power supply and high speed backplane. 10Gbps differential signals run up to 30 inches, which was one-time simulation, design and manufacturing success.

Since the department establishment in 2010, Sentak has been focusing on providing PCB turnkey services for clients from multiple market segments such as telecom, industrial, medical, mil/aero, IC ATE, computer server, automotive electronics, portable device and mobile phone board design.

Standard service, advanced technology and reasonable prices are our advantages. We consistently provide punctual, reliable and value-added high quality service for clients from home and abroad, which makes Yinghua the first option for electronic product development companies.

Service Field

Sentak design field includes telecom, industrial, energy, medical, high end instrument, automobile,IC ATE etc.

Technology Strength:

Maximum Layer: 32

Maximum Pins: 60000

Maximum Connection: 40000

Minimum Via: 6mil(Laser Drilling 4mil)

Minimum Line Width: 3mil

Minimum Line Spacing: 3mil

Maximum BGAs / Board: 44

Minimum BGA Pitch: 0.4mm

High Speed Differential Pairs:
10Gbps runs up to 30 inches

Maximum BGA Pins: 2400

Highest CPU Core Frequency: 3.6GHz

DDR/DDR2/DDR3/QDR/SRAM memory interface
Switch Power Supply
ATCA / MicroTCA/AMC, Hyper Transport

DSP Highest Core Frequency: 1.2GHz

With our sales and customer support team, we will quote and respond to your technical questions promptly. We will perform the PCB Design Rule Check before the production with no extra cost. We will work with you to resolve the non-conforming findings for your PCB board design. This process will ensure that your boards are standards compliant. Each board will be E-tested. Inspection report is available upon request.

On time delivery is our standard. We keep you updated about the order status and inform you of the tracking number after your order is shipped.

Our job does not end with delivery. We follow up with our customers and provide exceptional after sales support. If you have any questions, please email us info@sentakpcb.com