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Just as human beings, a company’s existence on the earth shall have its reason and mission. Recognizing that we have only one earth, SENTAK would fully undertake its social responsibility during development. Only this way would can develop a profound and lasting meanings instead of just making profit. Thus, SENTAK takes the following as its mission: Continuous technology development for better human life; Continuous environmental excellence for a greener Earth.

Business Vision

To be the top PCB service enterprise and maximize value for our clients, employees, society and shareholders.

Core values:

persistence, win-win, innovation, progression and foresight

Company philosophy:

1.Business Concepts:


Everything shall establish”standardization” in order to improve overall operation performance, avoid operation mode which is varied from person to person, and to provide unity and efficiency of enterprise work.


“To have principles, foundations and system ” is not “rule of man mode through what you, I or he tells”, to abide by discipline is the start point of responsibilities.


To fully use objective and scientific data and statements, accurately master implementation performance of each respective operation process, and make them as perfection, improvements and strengthening foundations.

2.Personnel Reserve Program:

Personnel reserve is the driving force for business continuity of a enterprise. Technical and Management personnel is the power for the development of enterprise. Setting a reasonable training system for newly introduced college student and internal recommend candidates, it can not only help to optimize the company’s internal structure of human resources, improve the quality of the personnel, but also help to promote the continuous grow up of young, ensure the constantly vitality and creativity of the enterprise.

A.Make the personnel reserve program, enforce to implement the production operations training system.

B.Put the echelon construction of reserve talents into the performance appraisal.

C.Encourage innovation, co-culture, Talent-sharing.